A DOG almost ate a bloodied tampon after dozens of used sanitary products were left in a residential street amid the "Great Brighton Bin Disaster".

A furious dog walker described his "disgust" after his 11-month-old Pomeranian almost chewed up the used period product in The Drive, Hove.

Just a day after a sex doll was dumped on the city's street, the tampon discovery means there is now "literally blood on the streets".

The dog walker told The Argus: "It was disgusting I was just walking my dog and then I saw all the tampons, my dog almost got one in his mouth.

"I know it is a natural process but there is literally blood on the streets because of this bin strike.

"Surely it has to be a health hazard to people, especially after almost two years of being told to keep everything clean because of Covid-19."

The Argus: The products disposed of on the street The products disposed of on the street

Just yesterday, a giant inflatable sex doll became the latest victim of the "Great Brighton Bin Disaster" after it was dumped on the street as strikes continue.

The "lovely lady" was left feeling deflated after being discarded in Lansdowne Place, as mountains of rubbish continue to pile up due to the ongoing feud.

It is a result of Brighton’s Cityclean, recycling, commercial waste and HGV drivers striking for two weeks amid a row over pay and working conditions.

On Monday, Brighton and Hove City Council met those behind the walkout, but confirmed that strike action by refuse collectors would still take place.

Fast forward to Friday, the GMB union met with Green Party councillors again to discuss the ongoing dispute.

However, on Monday, Brighton and Hove City Council made an offer to the union including additional pay, but claim that union representatives "walked out of the room before discussing this offer" with the council.

Should the union and the council fail to reach an agreement, residents could face four weeks' worth of rubbish building up on Brighton and Hove's streets.