PRIVATE waste collection companies have seen an increase in customers calling as the Brighton bin strike continues.

Multiple businesses said they have had an increase in residents enquiring about removing rubbish, while another is expecting a “massive influx” of residential customers in the next week.

The demand for private businesses to collect rubbish has increased as the GMB Union bin strike enters its tenth day.

The current industrial action began on October 5 and will last two weeks, ending on October 19.

The council announced last night that they had reached an agreement on a deal which they would propose to GMB union.

However, should an agreement not be reached between the GMB and the council, a second strike will start on October 21. This is expected to last for five weeks, ending on November 25 if no resolution to the dispute is made.

Remzie Mehmet, owner at Evergreen, said they have been happy to help people, but also understand the position of workers who are striking.

He said: “We haven’t gone down the route of advertising it on Facebook, purely because we’re in between it in trying to support the bin men as well as trying to earn the money.

“We wouldn’t be able to clear the whole of Brighton anyway so it wouldn’t make much difference, also I know they’re trying to put a point across. Also at the same time there is problems with rodents and people not being able to clear their rubbish.”

While other businesses say they are there to provide a service and do not involve themselves in the politics of the situation.

The Argus: The bin strike has entered its tenth day.The bin strike has entered its tenth day.

Adrian Westwood, founder of G&S Clearance, said they have had more commercial clearance than domestic customers, but expect an “influx” as the strike continues.

He said: “I think next week we will get a sudden influx because it’s only just started hasn’t it really. I think if it goes on for the projected period of time then we’re going to have a massive influx of residential customers.

“If that be the case, I’ll be out there in the van myself if I need to be and basically get it done to the best of our abilities and do what we can do.”

Bin and Gone said they have had a lot of calls this week about removing rubbish.

Daniel Woods, owner at Bin and Gone, said: “People keep ringing us about those big black bins. Yeah we’ve had loads, all the black com bins, the communal ones.

“Definitely been an increase in enquiries on it. We’ve had about 20 this week already.”

GMB Union claims that changes in driver duties, crew variations and alterations in plans around the collection of dropped work has had a “detrimental impact” on the health and wellbeing of HGV drivers.

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