A GIANT floating penis has become the latest victim of the "Great Brighton Bin Disaster" after it was tied to a "rancid" bin overflowing with waste.

The cocky-smiled balloon has left residents seeing the funny side of the ongoing strike after it was seen discarded in Wilbury Road, Hove on Tuesday.

Spotted by Josephine Valentine while on her way to work, the helium balloon has risen the stakes of the dispute to new heights, just days after a sex doll was found abandoned amongst a pile of rubbish in Lansdowne Place.

She told The Argus that the early-morning sighting was the pick-me-up she needed after falling ill to a cold with similar symptoms as coronavirus.

She explained: "Ive been really poorly with the infamous 'non-Covid cold' and it was my first day back at work.

"When I saw it outside my house, floating on top of a rancid bin, I'm like 'great it's going to be one of those kinda days hey'.

"I missed my bus and ended up being 20 mins late for work!"

It comes just days after a furious dog walker described his "disgust" after his 11-month-old Pomeranian almost chewed up a used period product in The Drive, Hove.

It is a result of Brighton’s Cityclean, recycling, commercial waste and HGV drivers striking for two weeks amid a row over pay and working conditions.

Brighton and Hove City Council met those behind the walkout, but the strike action by refuse collectors continued.

The GMB union met with Green Party councillors again to discuss the ongoing dispute.

However, on Monday, Brighton and Hove City Council made an offer to the union including additional pay, but claim that union representatives "walked out of the room before discussing this offer" with the council.

Should the union and the council fail to reach an agreement more strikes could be held, meaning residents could face more rubbish building up on Brighton and Hove's streets.