DAN Walker says that he will "sleep when it's over" as he juggles family and BBC commitments on top of the Strictly Come Dancing training schedule.

Dan and Strictly partner Nadiya Bychkova took a trip to his home town of Crawley on Thursday and visited his old primary school.

The Crawley-born BBC presenter went back to his roots as he visited Three Bridges Primary School in the town.

The pair were filmed dancing in the assembly hall with some of the pupils - who got a chance to show off their dance skills too.

The Argus: Dan Walker and Nadiya Bychkova in dress run for week two of Strictly Come Dancing.Dan Walker and Nadiya Bychkova in dress run for week two of Strictly Come Dancing.

Dan, 44, said: "I came to this school today because this was where I had my first school disco and I avoided dancing like the plague, stayed way off the dance floor with my diet coke in the corner.

"Whereas Nadiya has been competing internationally since she was 11 or 12 and has never even been to a school disco.

"It was my first one ever and the first he could actually dance at.

Nadiya, 32, added: "The kids were amazing, they had such confidence and seeing their little faces was lovely. Obviously there's so many great things about this show but seeing that today was definitely one of them."

Dan and Nadiya ended up in the bottom three last week of the popular dance competition show after a misstep during their fox trot but the public were still behind them, voting to keep them in.

Dan says that no one is more surprised than him that he's still in the competition, he said: "I thought I'd be long gone by now so to still be here and still be learning a new dance is amazing.

"I never thought I'd have this much fun doing it and I didn't even think I could put one foot in front of the other so I think Nadiya has been pleasantly surprised."

Nadiya said: "With strictly every week is a new beginning, it's a new song, it's a new dance and it's like every week is a fresh chance.

"Because the points aren't added up from each week, you can go into every Saturday enjoying it like it's a new competition. You never know when the experience could finish."

The Argus: Dan and Nadiya in last weeks Strictly, performing Once Upon A Time from Sleeping Beauty.Dan and Nadiya in last weeks Strictly, performing Once Upon A Time from Sleeping Beauty.

The training for Strictly is known for being particularly gruelling with some sessions going through the night.

Dan told The Argus how he is finding it juggling his various other obligations including BBC Breakfast and spending time with his family.

He said: "I'm enjoying it but its demanding and I knew it would be demanding. We're working hard.

"Last week I interviewed the prime minister, I was doing the breakfast programme, I did my normal NFL show, trying to do stuff with the kids and my wife.

"It's a lot to fit in, but there's no point doing this programme unless you throw yourself all the way into it.

"I don't sleep much anyway, I average like four or five hours. I never complain though I just have to crack on with it, this is my only opportunity to do this show. I'll sleep when it's over."

On Sunday, Dan thanked his wife for taking care of everything back in Sheffield, where he now lives, so he can do the programme.

The pair say they have found a good balance that enables them to spend time with their families throughout their intense training schedule.

The Argus: Dan Walker, who grew up in Crawley but now lives in Sheffield with his wife and kids.Dan Walker, who grew up in Crawley but now lives in Sheffield with his wife and kids.

Dan said: "She's a superstar, my wife. But yeah we try to get the right balance. We train in Sheffield, but Nadiya has a daughter as well so we do three days in Sheffield where I can be at home.

"Then we come down to London at the end of the week so Nadiya can be with her daughter as well.

"We're trying to balance, I don't wanna be in Sheffield the whole week 'cause then Nadiya can't see her child

"I fundamentally believe that we are a partnership and I want her to enjoy it as much as I do. She's come round for dinner, we've gone out for currys with my family.

Nadiya added: "Daniel's amazing, he always asks 'is it alright with you' and he always checks.

"It's a lot going on with training and press and tv, it's a lot to fit in.

"He always makes sure I'm okay and that I get time to spend with my daughter, of course he understands because he's a father."

"She loves Sheffield and Crawley now as well," Dan laughed.

On a typical Thursday the pair run their number 21 times to ensure it is ready for the camera block on Friday, a tradition they began in their first week.

Nadiya said: "He's the best student, the best a teacher could dream of. I love that he's never danced before so he's learning from the very beginning so whatever I teach him, he'll do.

"He asks the right questions, he's interested in the mechanics of it, I love it when a student knows what to ask 'cause he understands it."

The Argus: Dan and Nadiya have become close friends since the beginning of the show.Dan and Nadiya have become close friends since the beginning of the show.

Dan said: "It is so fun and you know we're just thrown together. Honestly about two minutes into meeting her I just knew she was great and we'd really get on.

"In the first week I banged my head on a revolving door and had to go to casualty, and Nadiya even thought they said we couldn't be seen together yet cos we hadn't been announced, she came and waited in the car park for hours.

"So, from then I knew that whatever happens I've got a friend for life. She's great, she's lovely, she's funny. We're having the best time."

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