Tofish and chips review of Brighton's No Catch vegan fish and chip shop

Tofish and chips review of Brighton's No Catch vegan fish and chip shop

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A NEW completely vegan fish and chip shop has opened in the last week and customers have been queuing round the block to get a taste.

My knowledge of meat free food is fairly limited, having only ever tried vegetarian Quorn products and while I enjoy their crispy nuggets, I have never had much desire to try vegan food.

On Saturday 9 No Catch opened in Brighton and eager customers queued right the way round the block to get a taste of their wholly vegan menu.

The first of it's kind in Brighton, the new shop was clearly a big success, but I still didn't know what to expect when I went down there on Wednesday.

Situated in 127a Kings Rd, Brighton BN1 2FA, the restaurant's location is priceless, with a view of the old pier from the pavement.

Manager and co-founder Kevyn Bourke, told me that it took over a year to set up due to various lockdowns and Covid restrictions, but it was well worth it as the interior looks great.

For a smaller space it feels spacious inside, with tables in various formations set up along both sides, with a bench along one length of the room.

There are plants dotted around everywhere and an eye-catching greenery wall sporting the shop's name and logo, there's definitely an eco feel about the place.

During my visit I was able to get a look at the food being prepared by chef Ricky. Items on their menu include vegan versions of cod, calamari, popcorn chikken, prawns, saveloy and a number of desserts.

I ordered a tofish and chips which was made quickly and delivered on a tray with garnish, salad, tartar sauce and mushy peas. It certainly looked appetising, but I was slightly apprehensive about the taste.

The fillet was wrapped in seaweed and battered which meant that the smell and flavour subtly resembled the real thing.

The texture was what you would likely expect from a fish imitation, you can of course tell it isn't the same but not in an unpleasant way at all. The accompanying tartar sauce really sold it for me, and the crispy chips of course.

Overall, it didn't disappoint - you know it isn't the real thing but it still tasted really good. If I had had more time I would definitely have given a few of the sides a go, the calamari especially looks delicious.

No Catch was born from the popularity of the tofish and chips dish at Kevyn and partner Ed Winter's first venture Unity Diner in London.

The pair decided to bring it down to the coast and as Kevyn pointed out Brighton is the "obvious" location for a fish and chip shop.

He told me that they know it's popular with vegans but the real goal is to expand the clientele to non-vegans who are disprove of the idea of tofish, he said "all it takes is one taste and I know they'd be convinced."

I have to admit, I think I agree with him. All it takes is going in with an open mind and letting the food do the talking, I know I'll definitely be going back for seconds.

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