STARS of TV show RuPaul's Drag Race are heading to Brighton as part of a global Christmas tour.

Jinkx Monsoon, winner of the fifth US season of the show, and star of the sixth US season BenDeLaCreme will begin a tour of their holiday show next month, starting in the UK in Liverpool, with performances in London, Toronto in Canada, New York City, and Los Angeles among many others.

Their latest tour is their third seasonal spectacular, and also worked together for a Christmas film last year for American streaming service Hulu.

The duo are excited to bring the show to the UK, with Jinkx having grown up with British comedy.

She said: "Absolutely Fabulous was my thing. I watched it backwards and forwards and I even had the books of the scripts.

"And then there was Keeping Up Appearances, Harry Enfield and Friends - Harry Enfield was one of my favourites and it was always so rough as a kid constantly making references to a sketch comedy show that no one else in America had ever even heard of.

"So whenever I go to the UK, there's a special shared language with those references."

BenDeLaCreme, also known as DeLa, explained that she first learnt of the British tradition of pantomime when she first visited Britain, and saw parallels with her drag and the tradition in pantomimes for men to dress up as women for comedic effect.

She said: "When we first went to the UK, I learned about the pantomime tradition and what UK drag culture was and I was like, 'Oh, I've been doing this all along!'

"It was such a happy discovery that the sensibilities lined up so much."

The two drag queens share a sense of friendly rivalry which is at the heart of the show, DeLa said.

"You can sense the love between them, but there's always conflict both around their different relationship to the holiday and between themselves," she explained.

The show is inspired by some of the festive TV specials the drag queens watched while growing up, ranging from Judy Garland to PeeWee Herman.

DeLa said: "We do original music, we do parody music, and a lot of spoken comedy, but it's important to us that the heart is there and that comes from the story.

"We want to tell a story but we also want to give people everything that variety gives."

The duo will perform at the Theatre Royal in Brighton on November 21. Tickets for the The Return of the Jinkx and DeLa Holiday Show Live are available online.

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