AWARD-WINNING singer-songwriter Scott Matthews is coming to the city as part of a tour of his new album.

Scott will play songs from 'New Skin' at the Brighton Unitarian Church in New Road on October 20.

Scott said that he is excited to be going back on tour and performing live again.

He said: "It's felt like a long time coming for these new songs to be heard where I intended them to be heard, especially having finished 'New Skin' back in August 2020.

"With seven studio records having fled their nests, I can't wait to play the songs that have changed my mindset towards composition, harmony, texture, lyrical content and my whole being as a songwriter."

The album is a product of a challenge Scott set himself during the pandemic of writing his very first electronica album.

His Brighton gig comes shortly after the release of his fourth single from the album - 'My Selfless Moon,' and features haunting synthesizers, electric guitars, organic drum beats and Scott's soaring vocals.

Scott said: "I recall finishing my debut album, Passing Stranger, back in 2005 and sketching the basic idea to the track not long after those sessions.

"With each record I always felt the song never quite bonded with my albums post Passing Stranger until now.

"Equally, I never knew this song had always needed an electronic twist for it to truly blossom."

'New Skin' was released earlier this year and received acclaim and rave reviews from MOJO, Uncut, and RNR Magazine, among others.

Scott's tour will take him across the country, stopping in Bristol, Sheffield and Swansea, as well as four dates in Portugal.

The musician won the Ivor Novello Award for Best Song Musically and Lyrically in May 2007 for his song 'Elusive'.

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