BRIGHTON is the most haunted city in the country, new research has found.

Paranormal sightings, haunting manifestations and poltergeists torment the seaside town, making it the most haunted place to live in the UK.

Latest research by PaulCamper found that there have been 146 Paranormal occurrences in Brighton, 116 of which were haunting manifestations.

There have also been 18 poltergeist sightings and even a sighting of a legend.

One of the most haunted locations in Brighton, and the UK, is said to be Preston Manor.

This location has a long history of ghostly phenomena and supernatural experiences, including the Lady in White, the Lady in Grey, floating four poster beds and more.

It is so infamous that the TV show Most Haunted! filmed an episode exploring the manor in 2006.

Steven Hagenah, UK country lead for PaulCamper said: “Staycations have never been so popular.

"Now lockdown restrictions are lifted in England, many people are keen to get away from home and experience something a bit different.

“These most-haunted places to visit offer exactly that, some excitement after a year that most of us would rather forget.

"Soon it will be Halloween and there’s no better reason to combine travel with a spooky thrill.

"Hiring a campervan, setting off on a road trip and sleeping overnight in the scariest spot in England is an unforgettable adventure!”

In second place was York. The Shambles is believed to have provided the inspiration for the famous wizarding street, Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter series it may come as no surprise to discover York has had a frightening 80 paranormal sightings.

These include 70 haunting manifestations and five unknown ghost types, among others.

In third was Bristol which is home to the oldest continually operating theatre in the English-speaking world - the Old Vic theatre and is said to have a resident ghost whose name is Sarah MaCready.

She was an actress who dedicated much of her life to the theatre but died in 1853.