A RIVER'S banks have burst after torrential rain from Storm Aurora struck the county last night.

The River Cuckmere, which is prone to flooding during winter, burst its banks this morning at Alfriston as the tide rose. The high tide was at 12.07pm.

It came after heavy rainfall across the county last night, with the Met Office issuing a yellow weather warning.

The torrential rain and high winds, some of which reached 45mph, came from France.

The Argus: River Cuckmere by Alfriston.River Cuckmere by Alfriston.

Video shows water from the Cuckmere streaming into the surrounding fields around Alfriston, near the church.

While the river floods annually, widescale floods generally happen from November onwards during winter.

The water is up to 2ft high in the fields by Alfriston.

Closer to the mouth of the river, the banks are coping well. However, the river at Alfriston is narrower which could be why the floods have occurred today.

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