A NIGHTCLUB has apologised after students reported incidents of misogyny and homophobia, along with concerns over drink spiking.

Pryzm in West Street, Brighton, apologised to clubbers attending its dedicated student night last Wednesday, saying staff involved in the incidents had been “internally addressed and resolved”.

It comes after students from the University of Sussex began a campaign called #BoycottPryzm following reports of misogynistic and homophobic harassment.

In a statement, the club said: “May we start by saying how sorry we are to hear of these reports from Last Wednesday.

"Lines of communication have been made available since we were emailed about the incidents and continue to do so.

“Pryzm Brighton is proud to host all Brighton’s students and socials on a Wednesday and we want you all to think of us as home.

“We have many students who work for Pryzm and they and along with the management have worked tirelessly in unprecedented times in the night-time economy.

"Student and customer safety is and always will be at the forefront of our policies and ways of working.”

The club also said it will begin offering cling film coverings for drinks and has placed an order for Stoptopps – specially designed drink protectors – as a means of prevent spiking.

This follows a reported increase in the number of instances of spiking at some UK universities, resulting in an online campaign to boycott nightclubs.

A spokesman for Pryzm said: “We have noticed early into freshers’ the increased discussions and reports around drink spiking. We have and always will continue to use every possible way to minimise and eradicate this from our venue.

“We currently have ordered Stoptopps for the venue. The company who supplies these are also attending the venue to set up a stand and distribute information surrounding this issue.

“We also adopted our own solution by informing customers we will happily cling film their cups for them, a simple but still effective deterrent.”

The University of Sussex Students’ Union, which works alongside Pryzm to run its Wednesday student nights, said it has been working with nightclubs in the city on how to support students in response to drink spiking concerns.

In a statement, the union said: “At the Students’ Union, we take reports of potential harm to students very seriously and have been working with local nightclubs in Brighton on how best to support students in response to the recent local and national reports of spiking happening in clubs.

“We are also aware of misogynistic and homophobic harassment that has taken place and want to ensure that venues take their duty of care and commitment to equality seriously.

“We are thankful to our sports clubs who have brought this issue to our attention and shown how important it is to organise with each other and support members of our community.”

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