A MINIATURE dachshund who mingled with film stars died when she was hit by a car after running from a dog walker.

Hero belonged to Ben Ahmed, who works in the film industry, and was often taken to meet stars including Benedict Cumberbatch and George Clooney.

The seven-year-old dog, who spent lots of time on film and TV sets, slipped her lead while on a walk near Brighton with dog walker Andrea Butterstone and was knocked down.

Ben, from Brighton, said since Hero’s death, he has been contacted by several of her celebrity pals.

He said: “I work for one of the biggest studios in the world, I’m on George Clooney’s next film, George Clooney had Hero in his arms last week. They’re p***** off, all of them.

“Benedict Cumberbatch has been with Hero since she was a puppy. He is with her on set in all of his films. You know we work together day in day out. That’s the level of people who are calling going ‘are you alright?’."

Hero was being taken out of Andrea's van near Coldean Lane and was on a lead, however, she slipped free from her collar and escaped. She was hit by a car just 20 minutes later.

She was taken to New Priory vets in Peacehaven but could not be saved.

The Argus: Hero was seven.Hero was seven.

Ben, who has worked in the film and TV industry for 25 years, flew back from Ireland when he found out Hero had died.

The 40-year-old location manager said: “It has been horrendous, just really horrendous. Just really awful. We’re very sad and upset.

“I had to take a week off and they were like ‘do you need more time?’ .

“The thing is, it just comes and goes. You go out and someone will talk to me about it and I’ll be a bit sad but I’ve got the other two [dogs] that I have to look out for."

He said he was working on a film directed by George Clooney and it was “a welcome distraction at the moment”.

Andrea, who runs Andrea’s Dog Hotel in Saltdean, has been looking after Hero for the past seven years.

She said this was the first time anything like this had happened in her 15 years in the industry.

Andrea said she was upset about this “unfortunate tragic accident”.

She said: “I’m obviously very distressed about this very unfortunate tragic accident. I have always apologised to Ben and I have also offered compensation through my insurance company, or potentially a puppy from my next litter.

“But how do replace a much-loved family member? I have never said otherwise.

“I understand he’s devastated as I am, as I cared for Hero for many years.”

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