PETER Andre has reportedly called his lawyers over claims his ex-wife Katie Price has made in her new book.

The singer allegedly instructed his legal team to contact Katie after she claimed Peter “had no interest” staying in touch with his former stepson Harvey.

His solicitors sent legal letters and evidence after claims he refused to stay in contact with her disabled son - whose father is footballer Dwight Yorke - after their split in 2009, according to The Sun.

In Katie’s new book Harvey & Me, which is due to be released today (October 27), the Brighton-born celebrity claims her son was upset when she and Peter split.

“Even mentioning Pete's name to Harvey stresses him out,” the book says.

"The split from Pete really upset Harvey. It must have been frustrating for him at the time because he couldn't express how he felt.

"But now he can, and he remembers a lot more than you'd think. It's really sad."

The Argus: Katie Price with her son Harvey Katie Price with her son Harvey

Peter helped raised Harvey, who is diagnosed with Prader-Willi syndrome, autism and blindness, during the couple’s four-year marriage.

A source close to Peter told The Sun: "Pete is a great dad - he was devastated to be blocked from seeing Harvey and begged to see him more and more.

"He's tried on hundreds of occasions to see him.

“Pete is sick of Katie's lies and being dragged into her life again.

"He doesn't want her talking about him. He doesn't talk about her, she needs to stop talking about him."

However, a representative of Katie’s denies having heard from Peter’s legal team.

"Everything in the book detailing Peter's and Harvey's relationship was cleared by legal,” she said.

"Kate of course wanted Peter to continue his relationship with Harvey following their split, but unfortunately due to Harvey's medical needs and the care he required this wasn't possible.

"We have maintained a positive relationship with Peter and will continue to do so for all those involved."

Peter, who co-parents Junior and Princess with Katie has since remarried and had two more children.

In 2009, Peter was given compensation and a public apology from Katie after he sued for defamation over an interview in Heat magazine.

She had falsely claimed he had cheated on her and did not genuinely care for her disabled son.

Katie agreed to pay him undisclosed damages and make a public apology in a statement that was read at the high court.

Last week, Peter missed the launch of Junior’s debut single due to ill-health.