Around one in seven workers will benefit from plans to raise the National Living Wage in this year's Budget, according to latest figures.

The National Living Wage is set to rise from £8.91 per hour to £9.50, taking effect from April 1 next year.

In Brighton and Hove, 15 per cent of jobs will be affected by the increase, which is set to be officially announced in parliament this afternoon.

While 16 per cent of jobs in Worthing will also benefit from the increase, with 14 per cent in Crawley.

The rise in the National Living Wage will make the most difference in Burnley, Southend and Blackburn - where almost one-third of jobs are on low wages.

In contrast, workers in Oxford, Cambridge and London will be the least affected by the Chancellor's announcement today, with only one in ten benefitting.

In a report by Centre for Cities into how the increase will affect the government's plans to 'level up' the country, they said that an increase in wages will help workers in the short-term, but would not help improve people's qualifications and put them on a path to a better paid job.

Centre for Cities' senior analyst Kathrin Enekel said: "An increase in wages would certainly be a good thing for the low paid, and it is the most direct way that policy can deal with lower pay, but it is very unlikely that it would help level up the country.

"In order to see a sustainable increase in wages, policymakers cannot only artificially push up wages, they also need to find ways to increase productivity.

"Addressing issues such as improving skills and how to make cities more attractive places to do business, must be at the core of any policy on how to level up the country."

Chancellor Rishi Sunak is also expected to announce plans to grant £6.9 billion for English city regions to spend on transport projects, £5.9 billion for NHS England to tackle the backlog in the health service and £1.6 billion over three years to roll-out new 'T-levels' for 16 to 19-year-olds.

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