BRIGHTON MPs have slammed this year's budget claiming that the government has "forgotten" about the climate crisis.

Yesterday, Rishi Sunak announced what the government will spend money on in the next year.

The speech revealed the government's plans for raising and lowering taxes, and big decisions on what it will spend money on - including health, schools, police and other public services.

For some Brighton MPs, the speech was lacking in environmental policy, particularly ahead of the Cop26 summit next week.

Caroline Lucas, MP for Brighton Pavilion tweeted her response to the speech, she says that while much of it is positive for local businesses, there was not enough focus on the climate.

In a tweet during the announcement she said: "Over an hour on his feet and 'climate# did not even pass the Chancellor’s lips. I am seething

"Has he looked at the calendar? He’s going to be talking to fellow finance ministers at COP26 - what is he going to say he’s doing on the climate emergency?

"Utterly shameful."

Ms Lucas later added: "This budget was such a wasted opportunity. It could've been a moment where government funded its net zero review at speed and scale the science demands.

"It was like listening to a budget in some weird parallel universe where there isn't a climate emergency and UK isn't about to host COP26."

She also questioned the domestic flight cost being lowered in light of the climate crisis.

In a statement, Ms Lucas added: “Brighton businesses will welcome the action on business rates, especially for the hospitality sector which is so important for our local economy. The 50 per cent discount for the hospitality and entertainment sector could make a real difference to night clubs, pubs and restaurants which have really struggled through the pandemic."

Brighton, Kemptown MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle also tweeted his frustration, making reference to Conservative MP Anne-Marie Trevelyan.

He said: "You would think we are not in a climate crises. This morning Anne-Marie Trevelyan told me 'tackling Climate Change was a marathon not a sprint' - but the race started decades ago and we didn't start running.

"Now Rishi Sunak has 'forgotten' to include climate change in his budget."

Mr Russell-Moyle also voiced his opinion on the government's plans to hand a £4bn tax cut to banks.

He said: "£4b handout to banks whilst children go hungry, benefits are slashed and the poorest are hit with rising bills."

While MP for Hove and Portslade Peter Kyle commended Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves for her response to the Budget in Keir Starmer's absence.

He believes the announcement ignored the cost of living, productivity falls and climate change.

Mr Kyle said: "Clear, concise and fair from Rachel Reeves.

"She blew holes in a budget that ignored the cost of living, productivity falls and climate change."

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