A UKRAINIAN gang is trafficking date rape drugs into the country - boasting that they are "very good for sex".

Drug dealers promise "secure" delivery of Rohypnol from Eastern Europe to anywhere in the UK in just three days.

The Argus found an "online pharmacy" brazenly selling the Class C drug, which is illegal to have without a prescription.

Our investigation into the sale of Rohypnol, which can be deadly in high doses, comes amid national concerns over drink spiking.

Sussex Police are currently investigating six reports of women being injected while on nights out in Brighton this month.

The Home Office described the situation as "deeply disturbing" and pledged to continue to work hard to disrupt "vile criminal gangs".

It only took a quick internet search for The Argus to find a website openly selling the date rape drug, which is infamous for being used in drink spiking.

The Argus:  The Argus posed as a potential buyer for the drug from an online pharmacy The Argus posed as a potential buyer for the drug from an online pharmacy

After sending an online message, posing as an interested buyer, we were immediately directed to encrypted messaging service Whatsapp to arrange delivery.

We then spoke via video call with a dealer, who identified himself as "Harry", and used a UK mobile phone number. He claimed to be based in the UK and that he had been operating for 15 years.

During the call, he showed off a stash of drugs including Rohypnol, Oxycontin and diazepam.

He offered to send Rohypnol to Brighton by the end of the week for $330, with payment in Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency which is almost impossible to trace.

During the call, which we recorded, he encouraged our reporter to place an order immediately so as not to lose out to high demand which had seen him sell 350 boxes.

A video shows "Harry" telling our reporter: "We have Rohypnol, diazapam and Oxycontin - we have a lot, what do you want?

"You don't need a prescription.

"If you make the payment today, tomorrow we ship to the UK, means you will receive it in two days.

"It is coming from Ukraine. We use the most secure agency, the most secure.

"We are professionals. Half of our clients are from the UK.

"Right now our bank account is having a problem so the only way we accept payment is through Bitcoin, Moneygram or Ria Money.

"Bitcoin would be more preferable.

"This is a very powerful medication and many people use it for different purposes.

"Some people are using it for insomnia. There are people who are using it to get high. There are people using it for sex.

"It is very powerful. If you want to enjoy yourself and have sex, it is very good."

Criminals can face up to 14 years in prison and an unlimited fine for the supply and production of Class C drugs.

While those caught possessing Rohypnol - known as "Roofies" - without a prescription face two years in jail.

Sussex Police said it takes any reports involving illegal drugs "extremely seriously".

A spokesman said there had been no recent confirmation of Rohypnol or Oxycontin being used for drink spiking in Sussex.

He said: "Sussex Police is nevertheless fully committed to cracking down on the recent increase in spiking reports.

"Tackling violence against women and girls remains a key priority for the force, not only in terms of bringing perpetrators to justice but also through tackling the underlying issues that drive this behaviour."

The National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) revealed 198 reports of drink spiking across the UK in September and October.

The NPCC said there had also been 24 reports involving some form of injection.

The Home Office told The Argus it is "dedicating resources across the country" to disrupt "vile criminal gangs" importing illegal drugs.

A spokesman said: “The recent reports of spiking are deeply disturbing – Rohypnol is a dangerous drug which can have devastating consequences.

"Police forces across the country are taking this extremely seriously and are dedicating resources to investigating it.

“Our Border Force officers work hard to disrupt these vile criminal gangs from bringing their damaging and illegal products into the UK, and we work in partnership with law enforcement colleagues like the NCA to use intelligence and technology to prevent drug trafficking and bring those responsible to justice.”

A £435 million package of measures aimed at preventing crime formed part of this week’s budget – with a focus on violent offences against women.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak pledged millions for better CCTV and improved street lighting and give £80 million in additional funding to the Crown Prosecution Service.

The Treasury said part of this funding will “improve the response to rape and sexual assault cases”.

The statement follows widespread shock at the murder of Sarah Everard at the hands of Metropolitan Police officer Wayne Couzens and police forces dealing with hundreds of drink and injection spiking incidents.

Funding for victims is also expected to be increased, with the Treasury saying it will be £185 million, an increase of 85 per cent from 2019-20.

Last week, we revealed drug dealers, who advertise openly on Instagram, are willing to sell hundreds of pounds worth of cocaine to school children.

The dial-a-drug services use social media while assuring "safe delivery" to underage teenagers, an investigation has found.

The Argus discovered dozens of accounts advertising illegal drugs including cocaine, marijuana, LSD and magic mushrooms.

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