A CHARITY that supports refugees by providing them with employment and support into a career has opened its first stalls outside of London.

Breadwinners, which is part of Royal London’s Changemaker programme, started in London and has now moved down to Brighton as part of an ambitious move to expand across the country.

Breadwinners work in tandem with various charities that support refugees and migrants in terms of housing, benefits and other support before referring them to Breadwinners when they’re ready to become independent and start a career.

Martin Cosarinsky, director at Breadwinners said the reception they have got from people is “so nice” and is great for their refugee’s confidence, many of who that have fled from “terrible situations”.

Martin told The Argus: “My experience of working with lots of young refugees is that they fled a lot of terrible situations and they’re very hopeful and happy to be in the UK. But also it is very tough to make a start here.

“It’s been so nice to see the young people supporting us and the refugees we’re supporting here, they’re really keen on getting their hands into work.

“The customers have been really nice, people are super into supporting migrants and refugees. I think it’s going to go well.”

The Argus: Martin Cosarinsky pictured left. Teman, one of the refugees, pictured right.Martin Cosarinsky pictured left. Teman, one of the refugees, pictured right.

Martin said the refugees being helped come from a wide range of countries and come to England for many different reasons.

He said: “It can be for many different reasons, it’s not only because of war. It could be religion or persecution or other things that put their life in danger.

The people they are currently supporting come from Sudan, Syria, Iraq and Vietnam. The aim of the bakery is to give refugees a helping hand into employment.

Martin added: “We already have six young people and refugees that we’re supporting on our programme and selling bread on our market.

“They’re being supported by six volunteer mentors who are supporting them through the programme and what they want to do further.

“What we’re trying to do with Breadwinners is to give them the first step into jobs in the UK, so this will be the first job for them. Then they can gain confidence and progress to other jobs.”

The Argus: Cong, one of the refugees in the program, Lucy, Sussex University student and volunteer mentor on the right.Cong, one of the refugees in the program, Lucy, Sussex University student and volunteer mentor on the right.


Breadwinners operate a stall selling freshly baked bread which is open four days a week from Tuesday to Friday in four different locations.

They are in the Brighthelm Centre in North Road, near Brighton station and Churchill Square on Tuesdays.

On Wednesdays, they are in One Church Brighton in Florence Road. On Thursdays, they are at Sussex University in Falmer. While on Fridays, they are at Brighton Open Market in Marshalls Row.

For more information on Breadwinners, visit their website.

Opening times:

  • Thurs 9.30 - 4.30pm University of Sussex Falmer Campus 
  • Sun 10 - 4pm Brighton Open Market, Marshalls Row
  • Tues 9 - 4pm Brighthelm Centre North Rd
  • Wed 8.30 - 3.30pm One Church Brighton Florence Road

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