A WOMAN is outraged after being kicked out of her beach hut following a string of complaints - the first time the council has evicted anyone from the seafront in 25 years.

Michele Spicer only bought her beach hut in Goring last year, but the council has already taken action, changing the locks to stop her returning to Sea Place.

The actress and model said she spent hours restoring her "mermaid haven," only to get into a row with neighbours over parking which led to complaints of "anti-social behaviour".

Worthing Borough Council said it had concluded that she had "breached the terms of her lease" due to the "number of complaints received from local residents".

But Michele claims other beach hut owners are "jealous of her" and she is demanding the council let her have her £15,000 beach hut back.

She said: "What can I say? I believe it’s a collusion between the council and these residents.

“I expect my beach hut to go back where it was because I’ve done nothing wrong.

“I’ve done absolutely nothing wrong, my conscience is 100% clear so I want out of principle my beach hut back where I paid for it to go.

The Argus: Michele on the left. Sign on the right advising not to park in the Waterfront residential area.Michele on the left. Sign on the right advising not to park in the Waterfront residential area.

“I’m the victim in all of this, all my friends and family know that.”

Michele, from Worthing, bought her beach hut in April 2020.

She says that she has been trying to raise her profile "as a mind health campaigner in the area".

Michele said: “It has basically become my haven, I call it mermaid haven.

"It’s basically my therapy and my special place where I can clear the troubles of the past.

“It’s been an absolute gem, it has been the centre of my life."

Michele says people started leaving notes complaining that she would “dump” her car in their “private land” and urged her to use a different car park instead.

The Argus: The letters varied in length.The letters varied in length.

The notes says things like “idiot, do not park here!” and “please use the underground car park if swanning off to the beach".

Michele told The Argus she also received complaints for “anti-social behaviour” and that she was issued a community protection warning and community protection notice.

However, Michele says "all the other beach hut owners park there" and that she is "the victim because they’re jealous of me".

A spokeswoman for Worthing Borough Council said: “We are sorry it has come to this but for the first time in about 25 years we have had to take eviction action at one of our beach huts.

“The number of complaints received from local residents really left us with no choice but to conclude that Ms Spicer has breached the terms of her lease.”

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