AN ELECTRIC cargo bike used for delivering gin has clocked up over 2000 miles around the city since it first started in August last year.

The bike is used by Brighton Gin who say it has “effectively” replaced the van they were using for local deliveries, saving them time, reducing carbon emissions and helping the company towards their goal to becoming carbon neutral.

The electric-assisted motor combines with the user’s pedalling to make navigating Brighton’s hillier areas easier. The bike gives better access in certain areas where a car was restricted.

The bike is used as part of Brighton and Hove City Council’s eCargo Bike Accelerator Project.

Brighton Gin also have a traditional pedal bike which was stolen earlier this month but found after The Argus reported on the theft.

Rachel Blake, who delivers for Brighton Gin, said the bike has been a “huge asset” for them and gets a great reception from onlookers around the city.

She said: “The eCargo bike really has been a huge asset. Even when loaded up with gin, it’s easy to pedal around the city and the motor really comes into its own when faced with the hills or a windy day along the seafront.

“It’s taken just over a year for us to reach the 2000 eCargo mile mark and I’m sure by the time the busy Christmas period is over, we’ll be pretty close to 3000.

The Argus: The Brighton Gin team. Picture by Liz Finlayson/Vervate.The Brighton Gin team. Picture by Liz Finlayson/Vervate.

“As a company, we’re very conscious about making sustainable choices so reducing our carbon footprint is extremely important to us. The eCargo bike and the accelerator project have been fantastic in helping us to do just that.

“We love the reception the bike gets as I’m peddling around town. There’s many a cheery wave from passers-by on each delivery round and our customers are always delighted to see their gin arriving by bike!”

The council say they are “encouraging” local businesses to change the way they deliver goods around the city.

The project offers businesses a £125 subsidy towards switching to eCargo bike deliveries, impartial advice on the most suitable eCargo bike for the business’s needs, free rider training and marketing of your business as a “showcase” of good practice.

Amy Heley, chair of the council’s Environment, Transport and Sustainability committee congratulated Brighton Gin on a “fantastic landmark”.

She added: “It’s so important that we support local businesses, where possible and practical, to make the switch away from using petrol and diesel powered vehicles to eCargo bikes and sustainable transport for services and deliveries.

“The eCargo Bike Accelerator Project is working extremely hard to reduce toxic emissions while ensuring businesses can continue to thrive. Only by giving them the support and infrastructure they need will we be able to reach our goal of being Carbon Neutral by 2030.”

For more information on switching to an eCargo bike, email

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