THE DUCHESS of Cornwall went behind the scenes on Grace this morning after being invited by author Peter James - and said she wants a "cameo role" on the ITV show.

The Brighton-born author invited Camilla - who is married to Prince Charles - to visit the set in Shoreham Port after discovering that she had read all of his books “cover to cover".

The pair had a conversation where they joked about the 74-year-old making a guest appearance in the TV adaptation of his Roy Grace stories, which is currently being shot in and around Brighton.

Peter told The Argus that he hopes this will one day become a reality - and he has even written her into one of his new novels in the hope that they can eventually film a scene.

He said: “I’m definitely going to make that happen, I joked about it but I think she might be up for it.

“Well funnily enough, in the latest book coming out next year. I have Norman Potting and Roy Grace both collecting a medal and having it presented by Prince Charles and her Highness.

The Argus: The Duchess of Cornwall and Peter James at Shoreham Port today.The Duchess of Cornwall and Peter James at Shoreham Port today. (Image: The Argus)

“She gets herself a mention in the book so maybe we could film the actual scene.”

After having a chat with Peter, Camila took a seat in the producer's chair to watch a scene being filmed for Dead Tomorrow, which is expected to be out next year.

Camilla was also joined in the production tent by Huw Kennair-Jones, drama commissioner for ITV, and John Simm, who plays DS Roy Grace.

The Argus: Huw Kennair-Jones, Camilla, Peter James and John Simm.Huw Kennair-Jones, Camilla, Peter James and John Simm.

Peter added: “I remember about seven years ago I had an email from a journalist friend, it had an attachment with a page in the Daily Mail. It was the Duchess sitting in her office and there was a whole row of Roy Grace novels behind and I just thought ‘wow, that is amazing!’

“I wrote her a note and she wrote back with a handwritten letter to say how much she enjoyed Roy Grace. We kept in contact and I dropped her a note about 18 months ago at the start of production to see if she would like to come and see the set. Low and behold, she said she would love to come.

Camilla had to brave the cold winds of Shoreham Port this morning, but looked delighted to see one of her favourite books come to life on the screen in front of her.

The Argus: Left is Richie Campbell who plays DS Glen Branson, centre is Kiaran Murray-Smith who is producer, and right is the Duchess of Cornwall.Left is Richie Campbell who plays DS Glen Branson, centre is Kiaran Murray-Smith who is producer, and right is the Duchess of Cornwall.

She watched as DS Glen Branson, who is played by Richie Campbell, visited Shoreham Port as he searched for clues.

The Duchess even told the author that she would “like a cameo role one day”.

Peter, who has penned 19 Sunday Times number one best-sellers, added: “She is such fun, totally down to earth.

"What astonishes me having just done a half hour interview with her, she has got an absolute total recall of every detail in the book that even I had forgotten!"

The Argus: Filming at Shoreham Port.Filming at Shoreham Port.

The Duchess of Cornwall was also visiting for her Reading Room scheme which is an Instagram community for book lovers of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.

The Roy Grace series is among the book recommendations and will be featured in her Reading Room, which can be found on Instagram @DuchessofCornwallsReadingRoom.

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