A COUNCILLOR has urgently called for the removal of a DIY cycle lane that "could cause accidents" after it mysteriously returned overnight.

Dawn Barnett called for those responsible to be prosecuted after the crooked white line reappeared on the Old Shoreham Road, Hove, along the same route as the controversial cycle lane.

Pictures from the scene show cyclists using the makeshift lane, which was removed just weeks ago after it was sporadically repainted along both sides of the road.

While several cyclists were seen using the makeshift lane, motorists continued to use the full width of the road, sparking fears that the DIY markings could cause an accident.

Brighton and Hove City Council have pledged to remove the lines and urged people not to lay any unauthorised markings on the road.

The Argus:

Cllr Barnett slammed those responsible as "ignorant" and urged the city council to review CCTV in the area to catch those repsonsible.

She told The Argus: "I want it removed asap.

"While it is left there, it is going to cause accidents.

"I would like it removed as soon as possible and if we find out who done it, I would like them prosecuted.

The Argus:

"It is going to cause an accident because people are unsure.

"It was taken out [the cycle lane] because it wasn't safe and it wasn't used and now they are putting in scrappy lines.

"There must be cameras along there to see who was around.

"The people that did it - well they are ignorant."

The Old Shoreham Road cycle lane was installed at the beginning of the pandemic but proved to be controversial.

The Argus:

Cyclist groups had claimed that the lane was an essential part of the city’s network of bike lanes, while motorists said that the lane was never fully utilised and contributed to congestion along the road.

The lane was eventually removed in September after heated debate among councillors over its future.

It was then repainted by an unknown individual or group of people in October before being removed by the council.

After the vote to remove the lane, Green councillors promised to look at further options to improve cycling in the city.

While petition calling for a "permanent, well-planned and high-quality" replacement attracted more than 800 signatures on the council's website in just two weeks.

A Brighton and Hove City Council spokesman said: "We are aware of the white lines that have been drawn on the Old Shoreham Road, and we will be removing them.

“We would urge people not to put unauthorised lining on any roads. They are misleading and potentially dangerous"