THERE is a cogent case for retail closure on Boxing Day day which in Germany they more accurately refer to as “Second Christmas Day”. Hence Boxing Day should be about friends, family, community - and just unashamed chilling out. And unashamed chilling out is also vital for protecting the NHS at Christmas through less accidents.

My thanks to retail chains that have already announced retail closure on Boxing Day day with particular reference to J Sainsbury’s which has included the online deliveries, convenience stores and fuel stations in its Boxing Day closure.

A lesson of the petrol shortages is that by prior planning people do not need access to a garage 24/7. In Germany a retail closure is a retail closure. There is not the distinction between supermarkets and ‘convenience’. Hence the Sainsbury’s move is very democratic and progressive.

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A two day Christmas closure is also commercially astute. More goods (and more fuel) would be bought before a two day Christmas closure. On these grounds I hope more retail chains including Tesco will join the Boxing Day closure.


USDAW wishes a happy Christmas to Argus trades.

Yours sincerely

John Barstow

Member : USDAW Executive Council



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