EDITOR'S NOTE: This letter originally claimed that Caroline Lucas's work as an MEP was a second job.  We are happy to point out that she stopped being an MEP when she was elected to Parliament so was not doing this as a second job on top of her role as an MP.


THE hypocrisy of the so-called Green Party seems to know no bounds with the revelation that the leader of the city council took a flight to get to the COP26 Summit in Glasgow (The Argus, Tuesday, November 9).

The same council leader has been presiding over a Green Party-led administration that has a poor record on a number of environmental issues, including recycling and transport.

I expect that the "Green" MP also took numerous flights when she was in her role as Member of the European Parliament.

This is the same MP who was brought before the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner a while ago for irregularities.

The Conservative government was rightly criticised for reducing the duties on internal air flights even though those same air flights are a major source of pollution.

This so-called "Green" leader of the council has contributed to more air pollution, along with the "hot air" that is emitted from other so-called Green Party politicians.

Rob Heale

Chatham Place