IT IS a disgrace that this council, nearly two years after the pandemic, continues to operate remotely with the majority of staff working from home and Hove Town Hall empty.

Everyone else in the city is back to work - pubs, clubs, restaurants and even football matches are being played at full capacity - but Brighton and Hove City Council continues to resist returning and, according to the report in The Argus (November 9), has no plans to do so any time soon.

The council is here to serve the residents first and foremost and the remote online services are simply not good enough and failing in many areas.

Residents often need to speak to people about their issues and are fed up with the phone ringing out and no one answering when they call the council.

We are so far behind every other council in the region, many of which went back to work months ago. We urgently need face-to-face services to return to start clearing some of the backlog.

The Greens clearly do not want to go back. Labour are supposed to be Opposition but are once again agreeing with the Greens and are not standing up for residents or their services.

It is time for some leadership to get back the council back to the office to deliver the services residents expect.

Councillor Dawn Barnett