I'M NOT convinced that one extra passenger on a scheduled flight to Glasgow is going to appreciably accelerate climate change.

Or that it's any more reprehensible, hypocritical or scandalous than going there by train, bus or car.

But if Phelim Mac Cafferty and Caroline Lucas really wished to virtue signal and abide by their own strictures, there was only one possible form of locomotion open to them. They should have cycled to Glasgow.

The Greens install cycleways and cycle lanes all over the city, they expect citizens to cycle everywhere, they want to ban motor vehicles from the city, so let them set an example.

Let's see Caroline Lucas biking up to Parliament each day, and our leader pedalling about the streets.

Meanwhile, their trip to COP26, where they preached to the converted, can only have added to the amounts of gas emanating from that conference. The long-term possible benefits from this gathering of the rich and powerful from all over the world have been rather offset by all the pollution from their 400 private jets, from "Sleepy" Joe Biden's motorcade of 20 vehicles, including the beastly "Beast", and by the posturing of the likes of Jeff Bezos (whose Amazon delivery enterprise is said to produce a carbon footprint larger than that of several whole countries - never mind his hubristic space rockets).

Our representatives might have made a more pertinent point by staying clear of this absurd jamboree.

Graham Chainey

Marine Parade