THE family of an autistic girl who took her own life have told of how the death has "destroyed" them.

Yasmin Price, from Eastbourne, was just 18 years old when she died in April this year following years of declining mental health.

Her parents and her brother Austin, aged 12, miss Yasmin, or "Yassi", deeply and are still struggling to come to terms with her death.

They are now raising awareness for mental health in young people and encouraging them to reach out to people when they are in need.

Her mother Angela Price, 39, said: "Losing Yasmin has completely destroyed us we are completely heartbroken. How can you get over the death of your child?

"We wish she reached out to us, asked for help."

The Argus: Family photo of Angela, her husband Mel, Yasmin, Austin.Family photo of Angela, her husband Mel, Yasmin, Austin.

She added: "Yasmin was a happy girl, growing up she loved animals and was very artistic, but struggled academically."

Angela says that towards the end of Yasmin's time at junior school she began to realise her daughter was dyslexic and had autistic traits.

This in turn lead to social problems and difficulties maintaining friendships, leading to her becoming isolated.

When she was 15, Yasmin began to run away from home and her mental health saw a steep decline.

She was eventually diagnosed with mixed personality disorder and took on the persona of Axel.

Angela said: "We tragically didn’t know where Yasmin was living when she died as she had turned 18 and didn’t want anyone to know. We found out after a knock at the door one Friday evening from the police.

The Argus: Photos taken of Yasmin's funeral.Photos taken of Yasmin's funeral.

"We want to raise awareness of mental health in young people and suicide awareness.

"It’s ok to ask for help don’t be ashamed, suicide needs to be spoken about more it may seem the easiest way out but you're just passing your pain to your family you leave behind. There are people that love you, you don’t need to listen to your demons."

Yasmin's death has taken its toll on her mother, who says she has not mentally recovered.

Angela said: "Both me and my husband have had to return back to work as bills still need paying but it's so hard to fake a smile it’s exhausting.

"Seeing my child’s body on the mortuary slab has left me with post traumatic stress disorder. No parent should have to go through that. I felt I had to see her because my mind didn’t want to believe she was really gone."

A fundraiser has been launched to raise money for a headstone, with any leftover donations going to the Polegate charity You Raise Me Up.

The Argus: Yasmin's memorial plot is always beautifully decorated.Yasmin's memorial plot is always beautifully decorated.

The charity, which supports families suffering the loss of a young person, has helped the Price family financially and funds counselling for Austin.

Angela says they have been supported by the charity which works to support families who have lost a young adult aged between 16-25.

She said: “You Raise Me Up have been absolutely amazing. We want to make people aware of suicide and mental health, especially in young people.

"Sometimes reaching out and asking for help is the hardest thing to do.”

The Argus: Yasmin was a "happy" girl who loved animals and was very artistic.Yasmin was a "happy" girl who loved animals and was very artistic.

A Gofundme page was set up a few months after Yasmin's death by family friend Maria Gibson with the goal of raising money to buy a headstone and a plot for her ashes.

The page quickly gained traction and secured the funds to pay for the plot, as of October a deposit has been put down for the headstone.

Part of the money has reportedly gone to You Raise Me Up and the family is now thinking up more ways to commemorate Yasmin.

Angela has this month renewed the appeal for donations by setting up a CrowdFunder with the hope of raising more money for the charity and the small amount left for the headstone.

An inquest is set to take place into Yasmin's death in March next year in Brighton.

As Yasmin's 19th birthday approaches, her mother told of the difficulties the family is still facing.

Angela said: "We are struggling emotionally as a family especially as it’s coming up to her 19th birthday in December.

"She was barely an adult, we will never see our child get married, have children, grow old."

If you have been affected by any of the issues raised in this article, the Samaritans may be able to help – the charity’s helpline number is 116 123.

To donate to the Crowdfunder go to

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