WORK has started on a £100,000 refurbishment which will make a playground safer for children of all ages.

The play area in Brighton’s Preston Park is closed while the major project is under way.

It involves installation of a new fully connected adventure climbing trail that leads to two long slides down a hilly embankment.

There will also be new steps up and down the embankment to a “snakes and ladders” castle, plus 30 challenges for children to get there.

There will be a new pendulum swing and carousel, plus new surfaces and an extended path through the area.

Traditional playground activities such as swings, toddler huts, roundabout and picnic zone will remain.

Brighton and Hove City council is carrying out the work to repair and replace worn equipment.

Consultations took place at the park last year and showed playground users wanted to see equipment for older children that allowed them to climb the hill as an adventure trail.

The council also consulted Friends of Preston Park on the plans.

Chairwoman Carol Cole said: “Friends of Preston Park are very grateful that we were consulted by the officers of City Parks regarding the proposals for the new play equipment.

“It has enabled us, in turn, to consult our 600 members about what they would like to see for their children in the future.

“We had many supportive comments, and we look forward to supporting and working with City Parks with more ideas to cater for very young children”.

The Argus: The play area in Preston Park, Brighton will have a lot more activities for children to useThe play area in Preston Park, Brighton will have a lot more activities for children to use

The refurbishment is expected to take another four weeks.

The council decided to begin the upgrade now so it will be finished in time for the Christmas school holidays.

Councillor Amy Heley said: “The refurbishment of Preston Park play area is really exciting and will mean children of all ages and abilities being able to enjoy the playground for many years to come.

“The refurbishment is part of our plans to upgrade 45 play areas over the next three years, with 25 sites being finished by the end of next March.

“Not only will the equipment on the 45 sites be newer and better, it will also be safer and far more accessible for all children.”

The work at the park is being carried out by playground equipment manufacturer Kompan.

The company designs, manufactures and installs more than 1,000 playgrounds or fitness sites every month across 90 countries.

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