It is estimated around 130,000 dogs enter welfare organisations in the UK each year - could you offer one of them a forever home?

If you are looking for a four-legged friend to join the family, you might consider giving one of these abandoned, displaced or abused pets the love they are desperately in need of.

Dogs Trust is the UK’s largest dog welfare charity and cares for over 15,000 pooches each year through a network of 20 rehoming centres in the UK.

Here are some of the tail-waggers at Dogs Trust Shoreham looking for a place to call home this week.

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The Argus: Toby is being looked after at the Dogs Trust in ShorehamToby is being looked after at the Dogs Trust in Shoreham

Breed: Japanese Spitz cross Jack Russell Terrier

Age: 6 years

Toby is full of fun and character. He's an active boy who enjoys keeping busy, especially when working his super intelligent brain.

It may take Toby a while to form a friendship, but once you've earned his trust, he'll make for a wonderfully loyal and interactive companion.

Toby hasn't always been comfortable with being handled in the past, so has been helped to enjoy being stroked showing him it can be a positive experience. Therefore, he needs adopters who can respect his boundaries, keen to engage with him in ways other than lots of cuddles and affection.

He must live in a home with a maximum of two adults, so that he can form a solid bond and feel comfort in the consistency. He cannot have any visiting children to the home.

Toby's potential adopters must be willing to make multiple visits to the rehoming centre to get to know him at his own pace and so that they can receive guidance on his training.

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Little Bailey

The Argus: Little Bailey is currently in the care of Dogs Trust in ShorehamLittle Bailey is currently in the care of Dogs Trust in Shoreham

Breed: Trailhound

Age: 8 years

Little Bailey tends to form strong bonds quickly and loves fuss and affection from her humans.

Although she's entering a more mature stage of her life, Bailey is still just a puppy at heart and loves to bound around after her toys and burn off some steam, she would enjoy a home with an active family who can take her for lots of adventures and enriching walks.

While she is a super friendly pooch, Bailey can sometimes get overwhelmed when there's lots going on around her. Ideally, she is seeking a home that can offer her a stable and predictable routine, where she can settle in at her own pace.

Walks in low-populated areas will be required to help her feel at ease. Despite this, Bailey could potentially live with a well-suited dog if they were to get on well upon multiple introductions, and she could also live with a cat.

Bailey will need a family who are always around to keep her company and who can offer her a bed next to theirs at nighttime.

She needs a maximum of three family members and the youngest members of her family will need to be over the age of 12. A garden of her own is also essential.

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The Argus: Lilka is in the care of Dogs Trust in ShorehamLilka is in the care of Dogs Trust in Shoreham

Breed: Lurcher

Age: 9 years

Lilka likes to get to know people at her own pace, but once she's built up a up a strong bond and trusting relationship she'll enjoy relaxing in your company and begin to show her affectionate side.

Despite being a slightly more 'mature' lady, Lilka has lots of energy, is very playful and lights up at the sight of her toys. Her other big love in life is food, and she's always keen to show off all of her many tricks in return of tasty treats.

She is looking for a family who are enthusiastic to get on board and support her with her training needs, while receiving ongoing advice from our Training Team.

The quiet countryside would be an ideal location for Lilka to explore as she'll also need to avoid walking next to any loud or busy roads.

Much more a fan of her people pals, Lilka needs to be the only pet at home and due to her high-prey drive, she will need to wear her muzzle when out and about.

The youngest members of her family should be over the age of 16 and it is essential that she has a garden of her own with at least 6ft high fencing as she has a talent for the high-jump.

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The Argus: Biggles is currently being looked after at the Dogs Trust in ShorehamBiggles is currently being looked after at the Dogs Trust in Shoreham

Breed: Lurcher

Age: 2 years

Biggles is an energetic and friendly boy but often finds it hard to contain his enthusiasm and may forget his manners when meeting you for the first time. However, his project handler has been teaching him calmer greetings, as well as new skills that he is making great progress with.

This super smart Lurcher thrives when he's learning and would love a family who could dedicate lots of their time to his training. Once he knows you well, Biggles will be a playful, fun and affectionate companion.

He'll need plenty of outlets to express his energy in the form of food-enrichment, engaging walks and on-going behavioural support. Due to a history of using his mouth when overwhelmed, Biggles must live in an adult-only home, and any visitors will need to be aged at least 16-years-old.

Due to his high chase drive, he must be walked on his muzzle, and he cannot live with cats, caged birds or other small furry pets.

Quieter walking areas would be ideal initially, while he settles into his routine, and it is essential that he has a garden of his own. An active family, who could offer Biggles a consistent routine would be ideal.

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