A JEWELLERY brand has raised over £6,000 for animal welfare and enivironmental charities since the start of the pandemic.

Jana Reinhardt has announced that it has now donated more than £6,000 for charities including Sea Shepherd and PETA.

The company is based from a studio in Worthing and is run by namesake Jana and her husband Ross, both trained goldsmiths.

The couple began designing pieces with a charity donation in 2020 in an attempt to use their work to raise funds and awareness for animal welfare.

The Argus: Jana ReinhardtJana Reinhardt

Founder Jana said: "The Covid pandemic gave us time to think about what really matters to us and it came down to spending more time with our kids and doing something for animals.

"We've now created several pieces that are meant to serve as conversation starters about animal rights.

"Every new piece we've made over the last 12 months has an animal charity attached to it, and we donate £20 of each sale of these pieces to the different charities. It's not a large amount, but it's a start and it all helps."

Their charity collection now has over 12 different hand-carved animal pieces, including: orangutans, foxes, pangolins, greyhounds, piglets, desert foxes, cows, and vaquita.

For every item sold Jana Reinhardt donate £20 to various charities, such as: Sea Shepherd, Surge Sanctuary, Ovaid, Keep The Ban, Galgos Del Sol, International Tree Foundation, Flora and Fauna International, Peta, and the NAWT.

The Argus: Jana and Ross ReinhardtJana and Ross Reinhardt

Jana added: "Our charity collection started life in 2019 when we created an Orangutan pendant to fundraise for Ovaid. I came up with the idea of making the necklace after watching the BBC's, ‘Saving the Orangutan’ programme.

"I wanted to create a special orangutan piece and donate the profits to a charity helping these amazing apes.

"There are so many other causes out there that need support, so we decided that we wanted to come up with other creations to try and raise money and awareness for more animal welfare and environmental charities.

"Both Ross and I feel strongly about animal rights, so it's great to be able to use our skills to make something that can potentially help vulnerable animals.

"At the moment we have a dedicated Animal Welfare Collection with 12 pieces that all support different charities. Our aim is to keep expanding this category and use our creative work to support as many environmental and animal rights charities as we can."

The company has also established partnerships with both Peta and the NAWT and designed special pieces for the charities.

Passionate about sustainability and taking care of the planet, the brand now only uses recycled precious metals to make their jewellery. All gemstones are ethically sourced or lab-grown, and packaging is100% recyclable and plastic free, thus helping to create more environmentally friendly pieces.

Here are two of the items included in the Animal Welfare Collection and details of how they support their allocated charity.

Desert Fox necklace (from £95) with a donation to the International Tree Foundation

The Argus: Desert Fox necklace (from £95) with a donation to the International Tree Foundation

Jana could not resist immortalising the smallest of all the world’s foxes in this intricately detailed desert fox pendant. These foxes make their home in the Sahara, which is currently expanding due to climate change, putting the African people and animals at risk.

The International Tree Foundation is a project aiming to plant one billion drought-resistant trees along the southern Sahara. These trees will help store water when it rains and provide food, fodder, and natural fertiliser, helping with soil conservation.

Cow necklace (from £99) with a donation to Surge Sanctuary

The Argus: Cow necklace (from £99) with a donation to Surge Sanctuary

This hand-carved calf pendant even has distinctive patch markings, made using oxidised silver. Designed to start a conversation about farming practices and how we treat other living things, a way to celebrate these often overlooked animals.

Surge Sanctuary educates people about veganism and animal rights and runs an animal sanctuary, providing a no-kill, forever home for rescued animals in the UK.

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