DIRTY nappies have been seen "flying around" outside a block of flats where the bins have not been collected for weeks - after seagulls ripped open the bin bags.

Dionne Charles, who lives at the flat in Highcroft Villas, Brighton, said residents have been left "jaded" from fighting to get their rubbish and recycling collected.

She said recycling has not been collected in around six weeks at Highcroft Lodge - after The Argus reported the issue to the council on September 29.

While the general waste was last collected three weeks ago, on October 28, just after the Brighton bin strike came to an end.

Now Dionne says the car park outside her home is littered with exposed human faeces from dirty nappies after seagulls got into the bins.

Dionne, who lives in Highcroft Lodge, said: “Bin collections are something that we pay for, I mean it’s frustrating and disgusting.

"We have dirty nappies flying around the car park at the moment. Human faeces lying around, that has to be a health hazard surely.

The Argus: Picture from November 16 of the recycling bins full to the brimPicture from November 16 of the recycling bins full to the brim

“During the bin strike, we managed to get a carpet and cover all the bins so at least the birds didn’t get to them.

“I think everyone is so jaded from fighting to get our bins collected. They should just be collected, we shouldn’t have to fight and it’s just disheartening."

Dionne said the inconsistent collections have been happening for around four years and people in the flats are tired of having to complain.

She said: “It’s just boring, I don’t want to waste my time ringing about dust bins. I waste so much of my life complaining about them!”

"Ours always get left, I don't know why they seem to get left. This is becoming weeks worth of rubbish in a one week capacity bin."

The Argus: The general waste bins on November 16The general waste bins on November 16

Brighton and Hove City Council apologised for the missed collections and said they will be cleared soon.

A council spokeswoman said: “We apologise for the missed collections and will ensure the rubbish is collected in the next few days.

"We are currently working with the trade unions, crew and drivers to make changes which will improve reliability of collections in the city.”

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