HUNDREDS of motorists are being caught every day by experimental traffic cameras - racking up thousands of pounds of fines in a single month, it has been revealed.

The city council has been slammed for treating unsuspecting drivers as "cash cows" after four cameras in the city centre captured 9,618 motorists in the last month alone.

An "extraordinary number of fines" have been issued under an experimental traffic order at Valley Gardens with 310 people caught every day - one every two minutes.

The cameras are stationed at Marlborough Place, St Georges Place, St Peters Place and York Place - with one capturing around 5,400 members of the public.

The shocking figures were revealed by Councillor Robert Nemeth at Wednesday’s environment transport and sustainability committee.

Cllr Nemeth said: ""My jaw dropped when I heard the figures. The fact that one person is being fined every two minutes at these bus gates is extraordinary.

“It is clearly being used as a revenue-raising measure by stealth, which sees the council cashing in on confusion and hurting the city’s economy."

The order, which was introduced in Brighton by Labour in June last year and limits the roads to buses, taxies and bicycles only.

Councillors on the committee agreed to make the project permanent when they meet on Tuesday, 16 November.

Cllr Nemeth added: “It is extraordinary that Labour and the Greens voted to make this experimental traffic order permanent without fixing the problem.

“Labour and the Greens, in their rush to declare a ‘car-free city centre’ don’t care how much they are hurting residents and businesses and tourists that keep this city running."

The Conservatives claim that the cameras have been "hitting residents hard" ever since they were installed at Marlborough Place, St Georges Place, St Peters Place and York Place,

Out of almost 10,000 tickets issued in October, 5,400 of the fines linked to just one of the cameras alone.

There were a string of pubic comments on the report into the cameras, which went before the council earlier this week.

A number of objections criticised the signs and accused the council of being “money hungry”.

One objection said: “Used complete ambiguous language which isn’t Highway Code legal at all. Signage placed so by the time you are aware or informed you have already been fined! Not acceptable at all.

“Completely unclear and unnecessary it’s just an attempt to create a carless city!

“All these attempts to make the city inaccessible to residents and more so disabled people damn right breaks equality rights for disabled people.”

Another said: “It will be impossible NOT to drive on this section of road for many people.

“You are just money hungry at a time when this country is on its knees financially. Free up the roads more.

“Bring people into Brighton and Hove, not fines for them going in the badly signed posted (Well, there’s no signs).”

Brighton and Hove City Council has been approached for comment.