A MURAL has appeared on a busy street promoting a new comic book telling the story of Don Drummond.

The vibrant piece has been spray painted across the side of the Richer Sounds building in London Road, Brighton.

Created by Brighton street artist Fek, with permission of shop manager Damien, the mural has been created to announce a forthcoming comic book series.

The comic, the Trombone Man: Ska's Fallen Genius is created, written and published by Adam Reeves.

The Argus: Fek painting the muralFek painting the mural

It is an eight part comic about the life of a Jamaican musician called Don Drummond who was trombonist in a legendary 1960s ska band called the Skatalites.

The mural, which took four days to creat, features Drummond and his girlfriend Margarita, who was a famous rhumba dancer.

Adam said: "The mural came about due to a chance meeting back in the spring of this year, when my partner approached someone on Brighton beach to find out what breed his dog was.

"We got talking and soon realised he was a street artist who had done a brilliant portrait of Bob Marley down by Black Rock.

"We made a pact there and then to create a piece of art in relation to my planned comic book.

"It took a while to find a legal wall and the right moment when we were both available for a chunk of time, it took four days."

The Argus: Fek's grid system.Fek's grid system.

Photos show the grid system that Fek uses to re-create an image on a large scale, he repeatedly writes the alphabet across the wall then photographs it.

On an app on his phone he then superimposes the photo of the grid over the image he is going to be re-creating, which works as an accurate to-scale guide.

The comic book series is adapted from Heather Augustyn's brilliant 2013 biography, Don Drummond: The Genius and Tragedy of the World's Greatest Trombonist.

The series is will commence publication in early 2022.

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