LESS than one in five people in Brighton admit they are focused on reducing their carbon footprint, according to a new report.

A poll conducted by consumer advice website MyGlazing.com found that only 18 per cent of residents are doing their bit to reduce their emissions, with 16 per cent of homeowners and renters understanding what they can do personally to be more energy efficient.

The research also found that people in the city are pessimistic about the government's prospects of reaching its target of being net zero by 2050, with only 18 per cent believing the country will achieve its goal.

It comes as the UK government legislated for an ambitious target to reduce carbon emissions by up to 78 per cent by 2035.

A spokesman for MyGlazing.com said: "Many homeowners and renters in Brighton and across the UK would like to take the necessary steps to improve energy efficiency and reduce their carbon output but, unfortunately, don't always know how.

"Research shows that the average person in the UK spends 90 per cent of their time indoors, so it is crucial that the buildings we occupy are as efficient and safe as possible.

"As the climate is increasingly on all of our minds, it's vital we're equipped with the knowledge and ability to make personal challenges for the collective good - from simple preventative measures to broader, long-term energy solutions."

A spokesman for Brighton and Hove City Council said that the city has joined with others to accelerate action on climate change and to lobby governments to support communities at a local level, and have also made more funding available to homeowners and private tenants on low incomes to improve energy efficiency in their homes.

Councillor Siriol Hugh-Jones, co-chair of the housing committee, said: "How we heat our houses is both a vital issue for our residents and a key way to help prevent emissions from cold homes - so this work really can't progress fast enough.

"Working alongside Labour councillors as part of our joint plans for housing, we have already committed to reducing carbon emissions in both council homes and the homes of those on low incomes.

"The extension of the grant scheme is real progress and will enable more residents to benefit.

"By installing climate adaptation measures in their homes, we allow people and the planet to flourish."

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