SOUL-AMERICANA artist Frazey Ford is taking her latest album to Sussex as part of a UK-wide tour.

The Vancouver artist will be playing songs from 'U kin B the Sun', which has received praise for the blend of Ford's vocals and percussion-soaked grooves.

The tour, which had been postponed twice due to the ongoing pandemic, makes its way to Hassocks tomorrow.

Frazey said that she has enjoyed being back on tour after the easing of coronavirus restrictions.

Frazey said: "We've had four lovely shows so far and the whole tour has been sold out which is very flattering.

"It's such a sense of completion to finally get to play this album out live and I think we all realised that you don't really get that until you have that in-person communication with an audience.

"An album takes on another life in rooms with people, and it settles into what it is as a live show.

"We definitely prefer live over Zoom - it's something none of us will ever take for granted again."

To mark the start of her tour, Frazey released a music video to accompany the album's title track, aiming to visually represent the connections between the cosmos, the sun, the land, the sea and humans.

Shot on location in British Columbia, Canada using vintage film lenses and employing all analogue visual effects, the video aims to give the viewer a hypnotic and earthy mediation on our place in the universe, and the temporal nature of existence.

Frazey said: "The moonscape sandstone caves, lush rainforests and the ocean itself serve as hypnotic and reverent imagery, the transcendent experience of communion with the natural world.

"Paper animation weaves between the dimensions of reality, of self, of the natural realm, and the cosmos."

The singer-songwriter will perform at the Mid Sussex Music Hall at Hassocks Hotel tomorrow evening, accompanied by Brighton musician Gwenifer Raymond.

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