EFFORTS to fundraise for a bird sanctuary facing closure have ramped up as the charity faces its final days of fundraising to stay open.

The most recent supporter was Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club which gave signed merchandise for the sanctuary to auction off.

While one bird lover shaved her long hair to raise money for the centre who rehabilitate injured gulls, as well as other animals.

The sanctuary has raised £132,000, but needs to raise another £38,000 to meet their target so they can buy the land at their site in Hydeaway, near Hailsham.

Bird Aid was left in a predicament after one of its former trustees decided they wanted their money returned after initially being willing to contribute funds.

A loan could be an option for the sanctuary to reach the remainder of the £170,000 which the owner, Julia Gould, 58, said would “buy a bit of time”.

Brighton and Hove Albion, also known as the Seagulls, visited Bird Aid last week with their two mascots, Gully and Sally, to support their winged friends.

The Argus: Gully and Sammy at Bird Aid in HailshamGully and Sammy at Bird Aid in Hailsham

The club shared the Just Giving link on their Facebook page and donated a signed match ball and shirt for the sanctuary to auction.

While Holly Pacey, 30, got her hair shaved on Sunday and has raised over £1,200 for the sanctuary.

She said: “I actually really like it! All my life, I have had long hair and I have always said I will never cut my long hair. But now I am finding out it’s really easy to wash, easy to dry and comb.

“People have had good reactions and said it suits me."

The Argus: Holly Pacer got her head shaved by Joe Goatcher at Scoundrels Barbers in HoveHolly Pacer got her head shaved by Joe Goatcher at Scoundrels Barbers in Hove

Holly posted the hair to a charity that makes wigs for children who have lost their hair through cancer treatment or other conditions.

She said: “I posted it yesterday to the Little Princess Trust, so it will hopefully be good enough quality for them to make into a wig. That will go to children with cancer and alopecia.

“Now I just have to get used to the haircut. I’m up to over £1,200 now but hopefully I can raise more. Now people have seen I have done it, hopefully they will donate before it closes on November 27.”

For more information on Bird Aid, visit their website.

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