PLANS for 94 flats on a corner site in Hove are being considered by an independent planning inspector at an appeal hearing.

And before the planning inspector can reach a decision, councillors are being asked agree the basis for payments known as a developer’s contribution and the “community infrastructure levy” (CIL).

The developer, RKO Developments, could be required to pay Brighton and Hove City Council more than £1 million.

But council planning officials have accepted that “no affordable housing can viably be provided with scheme” – a conclusion that could be reviewed before the first occupiers move in.

The £32 million plans include demolishing five existing properties and building 94 flats on the corner of Cromwell Road and Palmeira Avenue, Hove.

But in September last year the council’s planning committee rejected a planning application to build the flats in place of the existing Edwardian buildings.

Officials had recommended approving the plans but councillors said that the scheme would harm the character of the area.

They also objected to the lack of any “affordable” housing and said that the design was too big and bulky, which would result in a loss of privacy for neighbours.

The planning committee is due to meet next week when councillors will look at what ought to be included in any agreement in case RKO wins its appeal.

A report to the committee said that as well as any payments from the developer, the agreement should require RKO to plant three new trees for every tree lost.

And RKO should remove and relocate a bus stop and bus shelter in Cromwell Road.

The Argus: The flats could be built on Cromwell Road in HoveThe flats could be built on Cromwell Road in Hove

The report also said: “The CIL payment due to the council is estimated at this stage to be £1.05 million which, along with the increased cost of the site, have reduced the viability of the scheme.

“This is £305,343 more than what would have been secured under the scheme that was presented to committee in September 2020.”

The council’s Planning Committee is due to meet at Hove Town Hall at 2pm next Wednesday. The meeting is scheduled to be webcast on the council’s website.

An appeal hearing is due to take place on Tuesday 14 December.

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