THE COUNCIL has unveiled a range of new plans along the A259, with the aim of improving walking, cycling and accessibility.

A six-week consultation has been launched by Brighton and Hove City Council on the plans, which would see one westbound lane "reallocated" in favour of increased pavement space and a protected cycle lane along Kingsway.

Here is a guide to all the proposals being put forward.

Cycle lane

The westbound cycle lane from West Street to Fourth Avenue, installed in August last year and made permanent earlier this month, will be extended all the way to Wharf Road. The extension from Fourth Avenue to Wharf Road will see cyclists separated from traffic by flexible wands.

One westbound traffic lane will be removed between Hove Street and Wharf Road to allow for parking next to the cycle lane, with improved access to side roads.

Along the entire stretch of the new cycle lane will be additional cycle parking spaces, including ten per cent allocated for larger and adapted bikes, such as those used by disabled cyclists.

The existing shared cycle lane will be re-marked as one way eastbound. Two way cycle lanes would be maintained around the King's Esplanade.

The Argus: A map by the council of the proposed changesA map by the council of the proposed changes

Public transport

Under the proposals, the Westbourne Villas South bus stop will be removed, due to its lack of use and the proximity to better bus facilities.

Parking and motorists

There will be additional spaces for Blue Badge holders; with three spaces in St Aubyns near the King Alfred Leisure Centre, two spaces along the A259 near Sackville Gardens, another two along the A259 near Langdale Road and two spaces on Wish Road.

Additional loading bays are also planned in King's Esplanade, with another three along the A259 itself between Medina Terrace and St Aubyns.

However, the council admit in their proposals that they anticipate a loss of some permit and Pay and Display parking spaces between Hove Street and Wharf Road. Road space will also be reallocated on the westbound side of the A259, reducing it from two to one lane of traffic for motor vehicles.

There are no changes to the one way system along King's Esplanade proposed, with parking set to remain on the south side of the road.

The Argus: Planned additional pedestrian spacePlanned additional pedestrian space


Between Fourth Avenue and Hove Street, 190 square metres of additional pedestrian space will be introduced through widening pavements.

Proposals also include additional dropped kerbs to assist wheelchairs, mobility scooters and pushchairs.

Two raised table junctions to improve pedestrian access will be put in place at the northern end of Medina Terrace and Sussex Road.

Proposed parklet

A small area of outside seating space will be created along King's Esplanade under the plans

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