AN MP has said it is unacceptable for anyone to block a lifeboat from going to the aid of migrants.

RNLI lifeboat volunteers were reportedly confronted by fishermen on Hastings beach, who told them “we’re full up” and "don't bring any more of those home".

It is claimed the group also stopped volunteers from helping a migrant boat, saying "that's why we stopped our donations".

The police were called but no arrests were made.

Hastings and Rye MP Sally-Ann Hart told The Argus it is “unacceptable under any circumstances” to block a RNLI boat from carrying out their duties, no matter the circumstance of their trip.

The Argus: Hastings and Rye MP Sally-Ann HartHastings and Rye MP Sally-Ann Hart

“Those working as part of the RNLI are heroes, and we all owe them a huge debt of gratitude for the hard work that they do day in, day out throughout the year,” the Conservative representative said.

“I want to make it clear that the RNLI are not facilitating illegal immigration, but are performing their function as a life-saving service and people must let them carry out their duties.

“I wholly condemn the actions of those individuals who have sought to obstruct them from doing so, although it is important that their concerns are listened to and taken into consideration as part of the wider debate about illegal immigration.

“This government – with my full support - continues to work with local, national and international stakeholders towards addressing this sensitive issue, in particular by targeting and combatting the criminal people smugglers who needlessly put lives at risk for financial gain.”

A woman identified only as Zoe, from Hastings, called into an LBC radio show to reveal what had happened.

“It was really upsetting, and you could hear the hatred in their voice,” she said.

Zoe said the group of fishermen were gutting fish on the shore when the abuse started.

"The lifeboat crew pulled the boat out and were going to go into the water and some of the fishermen deliberately came out with their buckets and stood directly in the line of the boat so the boat couldn't be put in the water,” she added.

"It really shook me to the core.”

A Hastings RNLI spokesman said the incident, at about 4pm on Saturday, November 20, was reported to the police and the lifeboat was eventually able to launch.

In a statement, Sussex Police said they were made aware of reports of a disturbance near to the Hastings RNLI Lifeboat Station.

"A police officer attended the scene while also being supported by colleagues monitoring the situation on CCTV.

"No arrests were made."

However, one of the fisherman on the beach at the time says the incident has been "blown out of proportion".

Peter Coglan, owner of the Clara June fishing vessel in Hastings, told The Argus that he does not like migrants crossing the channel on boats but "there is nothing I’m going to do about it".

“We didn’t stop them from landing, and we didn’t stop them from going".

Mr Coglan did admit he was part of a group fishing at Hastings beach, but claimed a member of the public started shouting at the RNLI for collecting migrants.

An estimated 25,600 migrants have reached the UK by boat across the English Channel so far in 2021.

Last year’s total was 8,417, according to the Home Office.

On November 11, a total of 1,185 migrants crossed the Channel – a new record for a single day.

RNLI lifeboats were launched to help rescue dozens of people, believed to be migrants, who arrived on Hastings beach earlier this month.

Despite the efforts of lifeboat crews, Border Force and French authorities, three people are feared lost at sea after two kayaks were found adrift off the coast of Calais.