I AM ABSOLUTELY astonished by the Brighton and Hove Green councillors' constant aims for changing our current road infrastructure purely to benefit the very few cyclists that we see on our roads across the city.

We've had various "trial" cycle lanes installed by this very selfish council administration, only to see some of their introductions reluctantly removed despite huge opposition from residents via petitions, letters and emails etc.

Several months later, they come up with another proposal for something that has been massively rejected by residents and other road users.

All they are interested in is getting their own way by hook by crook and seemingly won't stop this selfish madness.

Also, across the city they are currently ripping up perfectly good pavements and replacing them with tarmac. Why? Nobody knows.

This unnecessary replacement process must be costing huge amounts of money but is it just a sneaky way of removing the now dying back weed growth?

It's all very puzzling and without any consultation with the residents who have to put up with the disruption to access to and from their homes.

Certainly the electorate will have the final say.

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