WARNINGS have been issued over a scam email circulating which has been encouraging people to book a "Omicron PCR test" to "avoid restrictions"

The email claims that the NHS has had to “make new test kits” due to the Omicron variant appearing “dormant in the original test kits” in a bid to dupe unsuspecting people.

The email also warns that declining the test means you “must be isolated” to try and scare people to click the link.

One councillor, who spotted the scam email, has urged people to be “careful” with misinformation being sent directly into their email inboxes.

Carolyn Lambert, Liberal Democrat councillor for Seaford South, said: “I just think it’s very sad that there are people out there who are prepared to be opportunistic about a very serious illness and the vulnerability of particularly our older community.

“There are many vulnerable people in Seaford and elsewhere who could easily be taken in by such a convincing offer. I understand this is also coming out by email as well so urge people to be careful.

The Argus: A screenshot of the email in fullA screenshot of the email in full

“I think central government need to add this to their long list of working with cyber security companies to try and prevent this sort of thing."

The NHS and Department of Health and Social Care has been contacted for comment.

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