A MAN has gone viral after posting a humorous complaint sent to the boss of EDF to social media after being left without hot water or heating for more than a week.

Brighton resident Joel Godden found that his pay-as-you-go meter had broken on November 19 and was not accepting top-ups.

Since then, he said he has struggled with customer services and faced being put on hold. He waited to get it fixed for a fortnight, as his emergency credit "ticked away, like the Grim Reaper's hourglass".

In his frustration, he emailed the CEO of the energy company, recording each day of his experience and even giving them advice on their hold music.

In his email, he wrote: "As I write to you, my entire body quivers and trembles, despite being enveloped by a vest, overshirt, pullover and dressing gown, two pairs of socks and an ushanka (traditional Russian fur hat).

"Despite the cover of this excessive amount of clothing, a faint smell of body odour (my own) permeates my nostrils - a symptom of being unable to sufficiently wash myself."

Later in the email, he added: "The meter display could have, at times, easily doubled as a thermometer, as temperatures in the evenings reached zero on average, if not below.

"All I ask is that you please send somebody round to fix the meter, so I can continue to give you the money you so sorely do not deserve, and save myself from the bitter, biting cold snap that Storm Arwen has wrought on our fair isle."

Since posting it on the social media platform Reddit, it has attracted thousands of 'up-votes', as well as hundreds of comments - with some offering advice and support.

Speaking to The Argus, Joel said that it was cathartic to get all of his frustration out into the email.

"I've had loads of messages offering advice, heaters, and suggesting to contact the regulatory body - which has been really nice."

In his email, Joel describes in-depth being left on hold repeatedly and using a WhatsApp messaging service which proved fruitless.

Joel adds that, while EDF did send an engineer to his house on November 30, they arrived while he was at work - despite "pleading with the agent to ensure the engineer was sent after 6pm".

He has now been advised to take time off work after contracting flu-like symptoms, including a sore throat, cough, tight chest, fatigue and "a Pavlovian aversion to high-pitched arpeggios played on a Fender Rhodes (or equivalent electric piano).

In a statement, a spokesman for EDF said: "EDF take all reports of customers going off supply very seriously and whenever an issue is identified, we take action to get the customer back on supply as quickly as possible.

"In this instance, we identified that the customer’s meter had a battery failure which required a visit from National Grid to fix the problem. We did book an emergency appointment with a National Grid engineer but unfortunately the customer was away at the time of the first visit. 

"We have spoken to the customer again and have rebooked the appointment to take place when the customer is at home. These appointments usually take place within three hours and we will continue to monitor the account to make sure the customer is back on supply today.

"EDF takes pride in delivering a high level of customer service however on this occasion we recognise that the customer has been off-supply for longer than we would expect. We have apologised and have offered them £75 credit as a gesture of goodwill."

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