A SINGER-SONGWRITER has released a Christmas song complete with stop animation music video.

Julie Winchester, from Rustington, has released the single to help raise awareness for homeless dogs this festive season.

Julie has previously released four albums and has been writing, singing and recording songs since she was a teenager.

She decided to write Think Of Me This Christmas after a friend asked her if she had written a Christmas song before and the conversation of homeless dogs was also brought up.

She said: "I hadn't written a Christmas song before so, I decided to get my head down and have a go at writing one. I have recently been having a go at stop animation and thought I'd do a little basic video for the Christmas song.

"I know it's basic but the message is important. Videos can have a big impact and everybody loves a Christmas song and video.

"I am trying really hard to get this message out to people to raise awareness that these homeless dogs need our help. There are more homeless dogs more than ever at the moment.

The Argus: Julie Winchester and her dog.

"I find it heart-breaking and incredibly upsetting seeing photos and hearing about these poor dogs and animals in general who really need help.

"We have a rescue dog and they really are wonderful dogs. If my song and video have an impact for someone to stand up and take notice to rescue a dog in need, then at least I've played a part in helping these dogs find a loving home. I will donate half of whatever I make to charity."

Julie made each of the animation models herself from fondant and modelling clay.

Her song is for sale as a download on various sites, including iTunes and Amazon.