I WAS a little put out by reports that people over 80 who have never paid a penny in NI contributions can get a weekly State pension of £86 a week. 

I started work at age 15 (the last year group to leave school at that age) and after 42 years of NI contributions have had to wait an extra year for my State pension, even then it is reduced as I was in a compulsory entry Contracted Out company pension scheme.

The GMP was set against SERPS which no longer exists, so the guaranteed minimum pension is set against zero.

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Since I had an original contract with the State for full pension at age 65 this seems so unfair as the reason my age group (like many other males) is reduced is said to be the state pension fund is short of money due to the state not investing the contributions.

I do not begrudge others from getting something they need, but since I started paying females were given full state pensions even when they had only paid reduced contributions.

Others who were too old to get into the state pension when it was launched were granted state pensions under the heath government. Other government departments borrowed from the pension pots which in the 1970's was awash with spare funds. I doubt if they were repaid.

Years needed for full pensions have been scaled back and those leaving school at age 16 already had a shorter period of NI payments to age 65.

Equalisation of pension ages in the state pension was decades behind the private company pension schemes, yet the contributions were the same.

R P Lambeth

Martin Road