A VINTAGE Volkswagen camper will be parading around the city today to give Santa a helping hand and bring some Christmas cheer to Brighton.

North Pole Couriers, which is run by a group of VW camper enthusiasts, will be driving their 1970s panel van to bring a smile to the faces of Christmas shoppers.

The idea was set up by Ben Yates, from Portslade, who started the group a few years ago and takes his vans out for special occasions such as Halloween, Christmas and even delivering beer on the day of the Euro final this summer.

The van will be touring around the streets of Brighton and Hove today with a “truck load” of presents balanced on top.

Ben, who runs his own marketing business by day, said he wants to bring some cheer to onlooker’s faces after what has been a tough year.

He told The Argus: “Our motto as such is Volkswagen shenanigans, this idea came about from last year in fact when we put three of four presents on top of the van.

“Children were amazed at just three or four presents, so we thought we’d up the ante a little a bit and as you can see, there is a few more on the roof this year!

The Argus: From left, Vero, Jazz, Jon, Ben, and trainee Santa AdamFrom left, Vero, Jazz, Jon, Ben, and trainee Santa Adam

The van, which is completely original from over 50 years ago, has completed a whopping 180,000 miles but Ben says it completes 6,500 miles a day over the festive period driving “up to the North Pole and back”.

He added: “Everything that has happened over the last couple of years, there has been lots of fear for people. So we thought we would help out and step in to give Santa a 'helping hand' in Brighton.

“The little people find it jaw dropping as we drive by, the kids are just in awe.”

The van has been making the rounds across Sussex this month from Shoreham, to Newhaven, to Crawley. This afternoon it will be touring around Brighton and Hove.

Ben said they will look to up the ante again next year, “whatever that may be!”

For more information on Santa's Brighton helpers, visit their website.

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