FLOOD water is being pumped to prevent a hotel and National Trust site from potentially flooding.

Alfriston Emergency Group, which is run by volunteers, has been pumping a ditch since about 3pm this afternoon after the Cuckmere River started to overflow in places.

The river has been rising at 15 millimetres every hour near Alfriston today, with water coming over some of the banks by the church this afternoon.

The group are using a fire engine from 1982 to pump the flood water and stop potential flooding in the low lying areas in Alfriston, near Seaford.

Deans Place Hotel and Alfriston Clergy House, a National Trust site from the 14th century, are said to be most at risk of flooding.

Steve Woodgate, chairman of the group, said: “We have been watching the river levels hourly, the river has been going up 15 millimetres every 15 minutes today further up the river by the A27. It has been rising about 15 millimetres every hour here.

The Argus: The Cuckmere River has been overflowing at some sections this afternoonThe Cuckmere River has been overflowing at some sections this afternoon

“We have been pumping as a pre-emptive because the ditch we’re working from, although it’s almost empty, we have been working here before where that ditch is absolutely full. Deans Place has been full of water before.

“There is more rain due in tonight and this week so we’re clearing it for that reason too.”

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