A NEW book that lays bare the history of the nudist movement has been released.

Dr Annebella Pollen’s Nudism In A Cold Climate examines the history of naturism in Britain and its depiction in photographs.

The academic at the University of Brighton says the book provides an “eye-opening history” of naturism in the 20th century and changing attitudes and ideas about the body.

The Argus: Bella Pollen, Nudism in a Cold Climate

A spokesman for publisher Atelier Editions said: “Annebella Pollen’s richly illustrated study examines the idiosyncratic phenomenon of social nudism, or naturism, in 20th century Britain, a place known for its lack of sunshine and conservative attitudes to sex.

“By bringing naturists’ own words and images to light, Nudism In A Cold Climate tells this little-known but fascinating history for the first time.”

The book also reflects on decades when thousands of people appeared nude in books and magazines associated with the nudist movement - drawing attention to the cause, attracting public curiosity and inciting moral panics.

The Argus: Bella Pollen, Nudism in a Cold Climate

Speaking about the book, award-winning dramatist Lee Hall, who wrote the screenplay for Billy Elliot and Rocketman, said: “Annebella Pollen is a brilliant archivist of a hidden Britain. This is a startling history of a British counterculture way before the Beatles’ first LP.

“Nudism In A Cold Climate is clever, surprising and huge fun. Absolutely fascinating.”

Earlier this year, Dr Pollen won an £100,000 Philip Leverhulme Prize, an award given to academics whose work has had international impact and whose future research holds “exceptional promise”.

She hopes to use the money to fund a new study into the history of photography by children.

She said: “I plan to use the fund to take extended research leave as well as to support the costs for a major new illustrated book and exhibition on photography by children from 1900 to the present.

“This draws on my long-standing interests in mass visual culture and its undervalued histories. To have two years to explore a substantial new area will be a huge privilege.

“I'm really looking forward to bringing to fruition ideas that I've been considering for some time but have not previously had the opportunity to pursue in depth.”

Nudism In A Cold Climate is available to buy now.

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