A VIOLENT burglar who attacked and injured a woman during a break-in has been jailed.

Lynden David burgled two homes in the cty, stealing jewellery, credit cards and cash.

A woman was notified of transactions being made on her credit card, which she believed was in her home in Brunswick Terrace, Hove.

When she returned to the flat, she discovered the front door had been forced open.

A number of items had been stolen, including cash and jewellery worth around £1,790.

David was identified as a suspect to the incident, which happened on July 15, after his fingerprints were found at the scene.

The Argus: Lynden David Lynden David

Two days later, a woman in Bartholomews, Brighton, was woken by a man entering her flat.

He grabbed her purse and a struggle ensued, during which she injured her foot while pursuing the man out of the building.

David was identified as a suspect by the woman’s description and officers’ knowledge of his methods.

Officers on patrol near Brighton seafront spotted the 57-year-old on August 18 and after being arrested, a search found gloves and makeshift items typically used to open locked doors.

David, of no fixed address, was picked out of a line-up by the second woman and charged with two counts of burglary.

He was subsequently found guilty and sentenced to six years in jail.

Detective Chief Inspector Cath O’Connor said: “Lynden David is a committed criminal who carried out both of these offences while wanted for arrest in relation to a separate charge.

“These undoubtedly traumatic break-ins caused significant harm to the victims, and we thank them for their support in securing this conviction.

“David’s arrest in August was also a great example of proactive policing by officers who understand their communities and are able to swiftly recognise the people of significant interest within them.”