I AM PLEASED to have received a favourable response to my request after I asked Brighton and Hove City Council the following question at the meeting I attended on December 16.

"Our city is bordered by the sea and the downs and North Portslade, my ward, is also surrounded by the downs, parts of which for over the last ten years have been included in the South Downs National Park (SDNP), with Foredown Tower in Foredown Road being the western gateway in the city to the SDNP.

"However, currently there are only three signs in the city to mark the entrances, in the east and north in Brighton and one in Hove which were chosen based on their "sense of arrival", for instance, where people emerge from urban areas into the breathtaking views of the South Downs.

"Unfortunately, despite our residents appreciating the views and walks in our area, there is no signage in Portslade marking this western entrance.

"I understand the National Park Authority would be reviewing the signs and, if they are thought to be successful, may consider introducing more in the future. Please will the council contact the SDNP authority to ask if a sign could now be added in North Portslade."

As it was agreed to be beneficial, my request has now been sent to the South Downs National Park and hopefully, they will be in a position to support my call for signage to include and to ensure Portslade makes its mark on the map.

Cllr Anne Pissaridou

Labour councillor North Portslade

Brighton and Hove City Council