A MAN who set up a coffee shop in an old London cab said business has been booming with more people wanting to get outside during the pandemic.

Leo Ferenc, who lives near Battle, was forced to put his photography business on hold and find another way to make money.

The 60-year-old has a number of taxis which he would use as photo booths for quirky photos at events and parties as part of his photography business.

But the pandemic forced Leo to think creatively and adapt his taxis for something else due to most of the photography industry having events cancelled.

He came up with a simple but unique idea, starting his coffee cab and London pizza cab last year, which he says has been very popular in the summer.

Speaking from his 1977 London cab, which is in Abbot’s Wood near Polegate, Leo told The Argus of the continued success of his business ventures.

He said: “It’s been great, because I think people are very relaxed in terms of outdoor activities.

“People seem much more relaxed outdoors and enjoy what we’re providing after their dog walks. Getting food from vendors and food trucks, people really enjoy that.

The Argus: Some happy customersSome happy customers

“We have an agreement with Forestry England, so have a permanent place to provide a much-needed service here. We’re here in the main car park.

The business gives walkers 5p for every cup returned in a move to combat littering.

Leo said: “If someone finds a cup on a walk, they can bring it back to us so it helps prevent litter in the forest. Not that anyone would drop a cup. People who come here are very responsible.”

Leo said he is relieved to have his food and coffee cabs to fall back on while his photography is on hold.

The Argus: He said the coffee shop has been very popularHe said the coffee shop has been very popular

He said: “We wanted to come up with something to utilise our photo booths, we thought let’s put a pizza oven in one and a coffee machine in others.

“We also have plans for a Mexican food truck. We even have plans for a jacuzzi cab which could be used for events in the future.”

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