A GREAT British Bake Off favourite says his adopted hometown has the best food on offer in the country.

German-born IT technician Jurgen Krauss moved to Brighton 19 years ago.

Now residing in Kemp Town, the Bake Off star says the variety and quality of food on offer in Brighton is second to none.

During an interview on The Argus Podcast, Jurgen said he admires the city’s “continental” approach to food.

“If there is a place to get good food in England, it’s probably Borough Market and Brighton,” he said. “There is such huge variety available. It’s a fantastic place to be.

“There is a lot of decent bread around in Brighton, really a lot.

“Open Bakery, I love their bread. That’s more French style. Ravens Bakery up in Ditchling Road is fantastic and is more traditional English bread. Really outstanding stuff.”

The Argus: The Great British Bake Off star Jurgen Krauss The Great British Bake Off star Jurgen Krauss

But he admitted his first experience of British cuisine wasn’t as pleasurable.

“Having been on school exchange in England, that was a very different matter,” he said. “I had my encounter with English school meals – we don’t have a similar thing in Germany at all.

“It was so unexpected. I remember getting a cube of very firm green jelly on something that resembled very soggy puff pastry.”

Jurgen controversially missed out on a place in the final of The Great British Bake Off, despite winning star baker in the opening two episodes of the 2021 series.

He was the only contestant not to receive a coveted handshake from judge Paul Hollywood and subsequently left the show.

He said his exit was a shock to everyone in the tent, except himself.

“It felt like maybe I was a slightly different level, which I expected winning the first two weeks star baker. Going in on a high level, it’s then hard to reach above from there,” he said.

“I also took risks in the semi-final. I used flavours that are a bit out there. Matcha tea, I knew the judges were not fond of the flavour.”

“But no regrets. I achieved more than I ever could’ve dreamed.”

The Argus: The Great British Bake Off star Jurgen Krauss The Great British Bake Off star Jurgen Krauss

The 56-year-old said his rise to fame has been an easy transition in a place like Brighton.

“In Brighton, people are generally used to celebrities,” he said.

“The first lady who recognised me right after the first episode aired nearly ran into a tree.

“It was right outside the hospital, so at least it would’ve been the right place to do that.”

Jurgen’s top baking tips

“Take a recipe you like, whether it is cake or bread, and don’t start messing with it.

“Do it a few times until you feel you know what you are doing and know what each of the ingredients is meant to provide to the recipe.

“The big enlightening moment I had was when I made challah for my mother-in-law who was very ill.

“She was on chemotherapy and didn’t have any appetite, but the only thing she would eat was my challah. I baked challah every week and my wife took it to London.

“Over the course of a year, the quality of the challah just changed completely. Same ingredients, same process. After a year, the challah was twice the size.

“I couldn’t tell what I’d done different, but my hands had learnt something.

“Stick to one recipe you like and do it over and over again. Everything you bake after that will improve.”

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