PIERS Morgan has insisted "we must draw a line on trolls" after it was revealed a man was arrested for making death threats against him.

The Newick-born presenter was forced to install a panic button by his bed on police advice after sinister messages saying he was a "marked man".

But the online troll claimed that no security measures could save him, adding a “promise” that Piers was “getting killed”.

The online troll also threatened Pier's son Spencer.

Piers told The Sun: "People think it’s perfectly ok to make death threats to public figures on social media but it’s not — there has to be a line drawn, especially when family members are targeted.

“That’s why I reported it and I am grateful to the Met Police and Greater Manchester Police for taking it so seriously.”

The male suspect is reported to have been arrested under the Malicious Communications Act.

He is said to have been released on bail, with a decision expected soon over whether he will be charged.

The arrest comes almost a year after the online troll first declared his intentions to the presenter.

In one message to the star he wrote: “Your (sic) a marked man. Calling the police, big tech or beefing up your security isn’t going to stop us getting to you, this isn’t a threat piers, it’s a promise. Your (sic) getting killed.”

He also messaged sports journalist Spencer: “If you don’t get your dad, your [sic] getting it or your mum.”

A source close to the former Good Morning Britain and Life Stories host told The Sun: “This is a point of principle for Piers — he will not tolerate evil threats being sent to his loved ones.

“A troll sent an unbelievably vile and graphic message to both Piers and Spencer, pledging to kill.

“An arrest has finally been made but the lengthy investigation is still ongoing.

“Piers hopes this evil troll ends up in prison where he belongs.

“Hopefully it’ll also act as a deterrent to other online abusers.”